The Green Alliance Podcast

Leadership in uncertain times, an interview with Margaret Heffernan ('Insights', series 1 - episode 8)

Episode Summary

Green Alliance’s executive director, Shaun Spiers, interviews entrepreneur, CEO and writer, Margaret Heffernan, about her new book Uncharted: how to map the future together. They discuss the lasting impacts of pandemics , and what they teach us about the leadership we need to deal with the climate and nature crises.

Episode Notes

Will the post-pandemic settlement be the beginning of a new normal or a return to old ways?

In this episode, Shaun Spiers, Green Alliance’s executive director, interviews Margaret Heffernan, former CEO of five businesses and inspirational speaker and writer on the nature of leadership. 

She reminds us that, at times of great uncertainty, we must have confidence in our capacity to adapt, improvise and create a future we want and can believe in.

Their discussion reflects on past pandemics and crises, what we have learned from them and how these lessons can bring us hope in dealing with Covid-19 and climate change.