The Green Alliance Podcast

Doughnut economics: an interview with Kate Raworth ('Insights' series 3 - episode 6)

Episode Summary

In this episode, Libby Peake interviews the economist, Kate Raworth. Known for developing ‘doughnut economics’, an economic model to meet essential human needs while staying within planetary boundaries, Kate makes the case for thinking differently about how we use resources. In this fascinating discussion, they discuss the circular economy, the language of consumption and the role of business leadership.

Episode Notes

Libby Peake is head of resource policy at Green Alliance. She is lead author of our report Targeting success, which highlights the need for clear and ambitious goals to reduce resource use. Read the report.

Kate Raworth is an economist and author of Doughnut economics, which proposes a ground-breaking new approach to the economy. She also co-founded the Doughnut Economics Action Lab and teaches at Oxford University.