The Green Alliance Podcast

Fixing our relationship with stuff: the role of better design and the right to repair ('Insights', series 2 - episode 1)

Episode Summary

In this episode, Libby Peake, head of resource policy at Green Alliance is joined by Janet Gunter and Ugo Vallauri, the co-founders of the Restart Project. They discuss fixing our relationship with electronics through better design and the right to repair.

Episode Notes

While electronics play an increasingly important role in our lives, short lived products have led to a mounting e-waste problem in the UK. Green Alliance's head of resource policy, Libby Peake interviews the co-founders of the Restart Project, Janet Gunter and Ugo Vallauri to discuss how we can fix our relationship with stuff. 

The Restart Project helps people learn how to repair their electronics and to rethink how they consume them in the first place. Both Green Alliance and the Restart Project are members of Right to Repair Europe.