The Green Alliance Podcast

The Environment Bill (‘Insights’, series 1 - episode 1)

Episode Summary

Insights is a series offering deeper understanding of current environmental topics, it features conversations with experts and leaders on issues relevant to environmental politics and policy. In this episode, parliamentary experts Ali Plummer of RSPB & Greener UK's Ruth Chambers discuss the landmark Environment Bill progressing through parliament and whether it will live up to expectation.

Episode Notes

Ali Plummer of the RSPB and Ruth Chambers of Greener UK have both worked at the heart of bringing the Environment Bill to parliament and they have strong views about what needs to happen to make sure it is the landmark legislation that has been promised.

They discuss why the bill matters, whether it will stand the test of time and whether it will be strong enough to set the right path for future governments to be able to reverse nature’s decline in the UK.