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XR, Environment Bill and bird song in the charts (News review, episode 5)

Episode Summary

The latest insights into environmental politics and policy.

Episode Notes

In this episode: extinction rebellion, MPs' responses to the draft Environment Bill and natural climate solutions. Plus we discuss climate change in pop culture: RSPB's dawn song competing with Taylor Swift and Lil' Dicky's 'Earth' feat 30 celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio.

Interested in what you're hearing? Here are some links to read on:

Extinction Rebellion:
Rebecca Willis:
James Murray:

Environment Bill:
Ruth Chambers:
Environment Audit Committee, "Scrutiny of the Draft Environment (Principles and Governance) Bill"
Amy Mount, "Some thoughts on the relationship between environmental progress and the #RuleOfLaw",

Natural Climate Solutions:
Green Alliance, "Cutting the climate impact of land use",
George Monbiot et al.

And listen to the songs:
RSPB, "Let nature sing",
Lil' Dicky:

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