The Green Alliance Podcast

Rewilding on Knepp Estate: an interview with Charlie Burrell

Episode Summary

In this episode you can listen in on a recent conversation between the owner of the Knepp estate in West Sussex, Charlie Burrell, and Green Alliance's strategy director, Belinda Gordon. They discuss how the rewilding of Knepp has turned it from a struggling intensive arable and dairy farm with very little biodiversity into a place where business is booming and nature is flourishing.

Episode Notes

As the coronavirus pandemic and climate crisis grab the headlines, the alarming rate of nature loss in the UK and the impact it is having is slipping under the radar. There are few people in the UK who have done more to put this right than Charlie Burrell. 

The former chair of the charity Rewilding Britain and owner of Knepp estate, Charlie tells Belinda Gordon how removing fencing, introducing deer, Longhorn cattle, Exmoor ponies and Tamworth pigs has allowed nature to take over this once intensively farmed land with incredible results. They discuss how this example can offer inspiration and lessons for new ways of managing land across the country, to reverse nature loss in a way that’s also better for people.