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Interview with Environment Minister Rebecca Pow

Episode Summary

This is a special podcast episode in which we interviewed Environment Minister Rebecca Pow on World Environment Day. She discusses, with Ruth Chambers, her wish list for UK action on climate and nature. Can you spare a few moments to fill out a quick 2 minute survey about the Green Alliance podcast? We'd love to hear your feedback:

Episode Notes

We were joined by Environment Minister Rebecca Pow for this special podcast episode for World Environment Day. Currently serving as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at Defra, she has long been a champion of environmental issues. 

She discusses her farming roots, studies and career, and her passion for nature. 

Hear Rebecca Pow’s insights into actions the government is taking on the environment, including on air quality, waste and agriculture. She describes the changes she hopes to see as a result of the UK’s forthcoming environmental legislation, like the Environment Bill, and the environmental ‘super year’ ahead.

Can you spare a few minutes to fill out a quick survey about the Green Alliance podcast?  We'd love to hear your feedback