The Green Alliance Podcast

Should the UK extend the transition period for the sake of the environment? (event highlights)

Episode Summary

This episode features the highlights of Green Alliance’s online event, held in June 2020, which focused on whether the UK should extend the transition period as it leaves the EU for the sake of the environment. Questions discussed include whether the necessary legislation can be scrutinised and passed in time, given other pressures. And what the consequences of not reaching agreement before the deadline will be.

Episode Notes

On 3 June 2020, we hosted an event online reflecting on the current state of EU negotiations and discussing what needs be done before the end of the transition period to ensure the UK’s environment remains protected and whether the UK has the right institutions in place to uphold environmental protections.

This episode features the highlights of the discussion. Our expert panel were Jill Rutter, senior research fellow, UK in a Changing Europe; David Baldock, senior fellow, Institute for European Environmental Policy; and Maria Lee, professor of law, University College London. The discussion was chaired by Green Alliance’s executive director and chair of Greener UK, Shaun Spiers.