The Green Alliance Podcast

The Dasgupta Review: how to realign the economy to address the ecological crisis

Episode Summary

On the 23 July 2020, we hosted an event with Professor Partha Dasgupta, lead author of the ground-breaking interim report 'The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review'. Together with Sir Roger Gifford, chair of the Green Finance Institute, they discuss the shortcomings of the economic system in relation to the biosphere, and what must be done to reimagine it.

Episode Notes

In this episode, you'll hear the highlights from one of our most recent events where we were joined by Professor Partha Dasgupta and Sir Roger Gifford, chair of the Green Finance Institute.

They provided an eye-opening discussion on the economics of biodiversity and outlined the ways in which we can rebuild a more resilient economy for the future, in ways that address the ecological crisis.

This event was included a live Q+A session and was chaired by Dame Fiona Reynolds, master of Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge.