The Green Alliance Podcast

What does a Biden administration mean for climate and nature?

Episode Summary

In this podcast, we brought together an expert panel to discuss what the outcome of the US election means for climate and nature. Recorded two days after the vote, our panel did not know the final result. However, this insightful discussion sheds light on what president Biden could do in office to tackle the climate crisis and restore nature.

Episode Notes

In this US election podcast, Jess Shankleman, reporter for  Bloomberg News chairs a fascinating discussion between Claire Healy, director of climate diplomacy at E3G , Brendan Guy, senior adviser to the NRDC Action Fund and Katie Eder, executive director of Future Coalition on what the election result could mean for climate and nature.

Recorded two days after the US election, this episode focuses on what a Joe Biden administration will do in office in this critical moment for the environment. You can watch the recording of the original event here