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Will Covid-19 shift the UK to sustainable transport long term? (event highlights)

Episode Summary

Listen to the highlights of our online event on 27 May 2020 discussing whether or not the impact of Covid-19's lockdown period on UK travel behaviour will cause a shift towards more sustainable transport in the long term. Offering perspectives from major UK cities, our expert panel discussed what this moment means for the future of transport in the UK.

Episode Notes

This episode features the highlights from our online event, 'Will Covid-19 shift the UK to sustainable transport long term?'.

During lockdown there was a huge drop in transport across the UK and the air we breathe has been noticeably cleaner as a result.

But will decisions made as the lockdown is eased make transport systems compatible with the government’s net zero target and improve air quality across the country long term, or will they lock in more carbon intensive infrastructure and behaviour for years to come?

These questions were discussed by an expert panel, offering perspectives from major UK cities. 

This was the latest in a series of online events Green Alliance is hosting to discuss the impact of the current health crisis on the environment. We hope you enjoy the episode.